Thursday, April 17, 2014

21 days Sugar detox meets Listen to your gut healing diet

Is that possible?

I have been dealing with a mild flare for over a month now. My symptoms haven't been bad, but my energy level is low.  I have more down days than ups. My weight has been stable but I still have a few more bathroom runs than I would like.

I do sometimes crave for sweets and would indulge in dates, larabars, ripe bananas, some homemade baked goods ( rice/coconut/ almond flour sweetened with maple syrup or soaked dates). I don't feel that I am out of control with my sweet cravings, but if I cut down the hidden sugar intake including starchy veggies like yams and sweet potatoes, I wonder if that would help my body battle the bad bacteria and replenish the good ones better. As a result it might get me in a better state with my colitis.

My good friend, who introduced me to Whole30 and Paleo mentioned that she is on the 21DSD and have been feeling great. Of course, everyone has specific health challenges, my is the gut.

I reviewed the 21 DSD YES/NO foods list and am trying to combine it with the LTYG minimizing gas and bloating healing diet and see if I have something that will work for me.

My main challenges are

  • I do not want to loose weight, not even a lb. I feel that I am at the lower end of a healthy weight right now.
  • I want to increase my energy by, not necessarily keeping my blood sugar level even, but by keeping the inflammation down.
  • I sometimes have issues digesting meats and fats. Chicken and Fish are usually ok, but there are days when all I want is yams/ squash and maybe 1/2 avocado, ie. soft foods. 
  • I have cut out gassy veggies in the family of garlic and onions, which also includes cauliflower and broccoli
  • I have cut out night shades
  • I am still not eating much raw veggies other than juicing them.

If I do this, I will still have my elemental shake even though it has whey. I can use more of the unsweetened vanilla to cut into the other sweetened flavors, which is what I have doing anyway.

Below are foods I feel comfortable eating from the YES list

All listed Meats and Fish

Celery root
Chard and Collard greens ( chopped and cooked)
Cucumber (peeled)
Garlic, ginger ( minimal)
Green Beans
Kale ( chopped and cooked)
Mushrooms ( cooked)
Spaghetti squash
Spinach ( steamed)
Yellow Squash

Nuts/ Seeds
Flax, Chia, Hemp
Pumpkin, Sunflower

Fats & oils
Animals Fats ( minimal)
Coconut oil/milk ( minimal)
Flax oil
Olive oil
Sesame oil

Unsweetened teas
Almond milk (unsweetened)

Lemon, lime

21 days is not that long. The change will be like doing my first W30, I am having serious thoughts about this…

Can I do it?

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