Sunday, April 6, 2014

Let's not let the kids being sick get me into a flare protocol begins

My morning reminder note
My immune booster tools
The little one is sick again, he has a mild temperature, runny nose and a bit of a cough.

To hopefully boost my immune system so I don't get a cold/flu triggered flare like in January, I am getting back on my regime. Oil pulling with coconut oil to remove bacteria that maybe incubating in my mouth, Neti pot to flush out bacteria that maybe incubating in my nasal passage, dry brushing twice a day to help my body detox and yoga to keep my body calm and collect.

Oil pulling was suggested by my naturopath a couple years ago when I caught hand foot and mouth from the kids. It was so painful and I told myself I never want to feel that way again, so I started oil pulling every day for a good year. When I started getting IBD symptoms, I was overwhelmed with the changes in my body.  Everything went out the window and that included oil pulling.  I learned about the use of the Neti pot from the history of yoga practice, it was initially to help my allergies, it helped a lot and I stuck with it after learning that it can also get rid of harboring bacteria in the nasal passage.  Dry brushing was the newest discovery, I have only been doing it for a few months. This practice is to help drain my lymph nodes, according to my naturopath. At the time when she suggested it, I really didn't think much about getting rid of the little bumps around my arm pits ( lymph nodes ). I was just trying to focus on finding relief from my colitis flare. Later I read that the lymph nodes work harder when the body is fighting something. So if I help them a bit with the detox process, they can work better and make my body healthier.

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