Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My personalized SIBO protocol - second round

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I am still trying to calm another flare at the moment. This one was not as bad as the last one because I have been using pre-digested meal supplement during my bowel rest. The last one I only relied on bone broth and fresh juice and lost too much weight from undernourishment. However, This one was not a cake walk either, I think it was triggered by stress and a lingering cold from the family and finally did me in.

It seem to have started gradually, I was seeing small amount of blood in, then like out of nowhere " Bam!" the extreme fatigue came and followed by increased bleeding with intense pain and cramp. This went on for three four days where I was mainly consuming the meal supplements, by the fifth day, the shakes were hard to get down without pain, drinking water was uncomfortable, I could feel the liquids just swishing around inside or me and creating lots of painful gas. I was weak and dizzy from malnutrition. It was very difficult to carry on day to day chores, let alone care for my family. It is true how they say that you need to hit rock bottom before you can head back up. This is what happened to me. Luckily, I have learned to be more patient this time, I knew the healing is happening and better days will come, but many times, I still wonder when comfort will arrive. My turning point arrived when I felt a sense of joy and from my family. This joy came from a report card that showed great progress; a sense that things are falling into place and that there is growth and harmony in the family despite all my energies poured into healing the body. I smiled. 

I still had to survive a few more episodes of intense pain before I could say I was feeling better. I felt strong enough to practice some gentle yoga, I managed to work some gas out of my body with the stretches. I also stretched out the tension that had built up from being in constant discomfort for the past week. The tension alone has slowed down the healing. Then, I felt it's time to revisit the SIBO protocol. I feel the last little while of experimenting with gluten, sugar and thinking I could eat like the way I used had built up allergens or toxins.

This time, I plan to do a combination of the SCD approach, which is to starve our the parasites or bacteria with diet and kill them with the natural antibiotics. I remember the last time I was on the SIBO protocol, it started well, I felt improvement quickly, then after a month or so, symptoms came back and I wasn't feel better. I got discouraged and eventually stopped because I feel the natural antibiotics was too harsh on my system. The die offs was also very intense.

This time I have started with the garlic pills, twice a day followed by the Natren probiotics twice a day ( probiotics has to be taken 2 hours after "antibiotics" otherwise they will be killed too by nature's powerful stuff). I will take a day or two break and only do probiotics and switch to a different antibiotic, berberine. Then I will assess how I am doing and take the same break and move on to oil of Oregano.

No I don't know how this will work out but all I can do is try and listen to my body.

I am also ready to address the emotional component of my colitis. Since the gut is the second brain, I have to get to the bottom and release any history ( baggage ) that doesn't serve me anymore.

I have made arrangements to meet with an EFT practitioner to do some inner work. Honestly, I am nervous about having to dig up old buried stuff in order to release them. But I think in order to aid my healing,  I must be brave to face and clear those skeletons in the closet. I will write more about my EFT experience when the time comes.

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