Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pecan Sandies, will you cheer me up please?

I am definitely seeking Healing in the kitchen right now. Meal preparation is very therapeutic, perhaps cooking should be all about nourishing the body and mind. I have been craving good fats lately, I have been eating more avocados,  dates dipped in coconut oil,  enjoying my Grass Fed whole (with the fat that raises to the top ) milk kefir, searching for the best fat bomb recipe online. But today, I decided to try this Pecan Sandie  Recipe  to hopefully distract and comfort my mind during these difficult times.

My comment about this recipe is I was surprised how crumbly it was and it was a bit salty.  Otherwise it is good. I used Kerry Gold Grass Fed butter instead of coconut oil and raw lavender honey.

On a side note, I feel that all the probiotic foods and beverages I have been consuming have been helping me cope better and balance my emotions better.

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