Monday, June 9, 2014

Pulverized smoothies for ulcerative colitis

I recently bought the Nutribullet after researching whether I needed the higher prices Vitamix or Blentec. I went with the more economical choice and have been pretty happy with it. The smoothies are smooth without chunks and even when I only use fruit, veggies  and water without my milk kefir, the result is still remarkably creamy in consistency.

So the test now is to see whether including more pulverized fiber in my diet will aid or hinder my continuous healing with my UC.

The first day, I was excited about drinking these "creamy" tasty drinks made out of fruit and veggies. I wasn't able to consume the same amount of these wondering food as the past because the fiber was hard for my body to handle. I used to be able to eat half a big watermelon by myself in one sitting. On the first day, I have my usual smoothie ( see ingredients below) but added a giant stock of Organic Swiss Chard. The smoothie was creamy, tasty and green. I felt that I was able to absorb the nutrients better even with some mild gassiness.

Good Morning Smoothie

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