Monday, July 14, 2014

Quick Sea to Sky trip

We decided to go on a last minute, unplanned road trip up to Whistler, BC. We quickly packed our belongings, cooler full of healthy food and beverages and went on a quick adventure. I also had to take care of my ferments on the counter, burp any ones that need it and place the rest into the fridge so we don't come home to an exploded mess. The destination was Whistler, BC but we also wanted to stop along the way to explore other areas, Shannon Falls, Squamish and Pemberton were on the list and we knew we would stop at one of the many lakes along the way.

Wanted to eat here but they were closed Monday and Tuesday 

Luckily we found  The PONY  just down the street, this was my Salad Ni├žoise while my boys had a really amazing pizza in Pemberton BC
Stopped at Alice Lake on the way back

After we came back to the Lower Mainland, we drove through North Vancouver because I wanted to go to Ethical Kitchen ( NOW CLOSED)  to eat. I found this place back in November 2013  when I picked up my first SCOBY from someone who worked a few store down from the restaurant. Back then, I was fully embracing the Paleo diet. I knew little about fermenting foods but was eager to try my hands on making my own Kombucha. I remember the menu at Ethical Kitchen had Paleo options on it.

I had the pleasure to talk to the owner and creator of Ethical Kitchen, Barbara to find out more about their organic restaurant concept.

Since their website clearly explains their ideals and why they are doing what they do, I won't repeat it.

What I found most interesting was their Tuesday Breakfast School 10-11am.  They offer a light breakfast and a tonic drink for $5 and talk about health benefit of healing foods. 

Barbara shared a bit about the last Tuesday Breakfast School discussion topic below, 

"Every kind of food plays a role in nature."

"learn about it instead of shunning it because food culture says you should avoid it."

As a truly family run business, they have listed Barbara's  children age 5 and 3 months in her staff list on their website. 

For their temporary staffing, they also take in interns. Sometimes they take in troubled youth, where these youngster are given a chance to gain work experience and learn sense of community. Ethical Kitchen also share their kitchen with the Japanese grocery next door which prepares soups or bento boxes and  soba.  

Besides a sit down menu that offers Organic foods, Paleo and other gluten free options are available, To bring home, they carry Lacto fermented vegetables, Kerry gold grass fed butter, ghee and homemade turkey stock for purchase. They also brew their own Kombucha and ginger beer on site, which is deliciously refreshing especially in this warm weather. 

Ethical Kitchen has become one of healing places not only because they serve nourishing clean food I feel safe to eat, but also knowing how they contribute to the community, I feel the care and love that is beaming from this little restaurant.

Barbara's recently opened a gallery/cafe called Parker St. Cafe at 985 Windermere, Vancouver to fill the lacking of gathering place for healthy snacks and beverage in the area. I look forward to visiting it soon.

Backyard to plate, my children picking Saskatoon berries
Upper left clockwise: 1. Display case of  Jars of ferment, grassed local whole milk, ghee and  turkey stock
2. Our delicious and nourishing meals 3. My meal described on the menu

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