Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Soaking and Sprouting almonds

Here is my almond soaking experience. I started soaking about 1 lb. raw almond in water and added 1/2 tbsp himalayan pink salt to the soak. I soaked it for 12 hours and drained and rinsed it under the tap.  Then I placed the soaked almonds on a wet towel and let it sit for another 12 hours, the hope was to sprout them but unfortunately, they did not seem to have sprouted. I then removed the towel and placed the almonds in the oven with the oven light on overnight. My research ask for the almonds to be dehydrated under 100 F but my oven doesn't get that low in temperature so I thought I would give the oven light a go. The next morning I found the almonds still a bit moist so I put it out to dry in the sun most of the day. The taste of the almond is milder but sweeter and the texture is softer, meatier and almost buttery.  I don't know whether I can better digest these soaked almonds yet but I am hopeful. I might just need to try dehydrating them in a proper dehydrator next time. Here is a link to why we should soak nuts to make them easier to digest
start soaking

rinse well
lay onto wet towel to sprout
wait for another 10-12 hours
Drying some more in the sun

Top soaked, bottom not

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  1. They do taste milder. I haven't reintroduced them yet, but will make sure to soak them beforehand. Oh I miss homemade almond milk....


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