Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Unexpected healing crisis from Homeopathy

I am constantly humbled to learn how the body heals.

As I start to scratch upon the surface of the emotional side of my IBD, I have been using a combination of these following techniques to heal this second brain of mine;  yoga, meditation, self healing reiki and EFT ( emotional freedom technique).

Last week, I decided to give my friend  at Little Mountain Homepathy, a call to see if Homeopathy is a good healing support for my current state of health.

She scheduled me in for a 2 hours case taking, where I will tell her all the things I can think of that might have landed me with this chronic condition. When I went to see her,  I sat in her welcoming office and described my history from what kind of child I was, to the many life events that lead up to today. This case taking felt like a therapy session, which has been what I haven't had a chance to do - talk about my healing to a professional. I released quite a bit emotions and felt good afterwards. My friend was to review my details and contact me with test dosing of remedies.

A couple days later, she contacted me to pick up the several doses of remedy she had prepared. I picked them up and took the first dose as directed, they were in pellet form and I was to wait 3 days to report to her my progress.

The next morning, I found it very difficult to get up in the morning. I could barely open my eyes without closing them a few minutes later. For the rest of the day, I felt tired but relaxed. It felt like possible die off symptoms with fatigue. I rested and went to bed early that night.

The second day was great, perhaps I got more hours of sleep or the remedy and dosage was really working. I had improved energy and very minimal gut symptoms.

The third day was still good, my energy remained until late afternoon with a few gut symptoms returning. I continued with my goal to get to bed by 10:30am.

I emailed my friend my progress and patiently awaits for her instruction.

The fourth day, I was experiencing anger and short temperedness. I was surprised by these emotions as if I was having an out of body experience. I watch myself react strongly in situations that doesn't call for it. That same day, I was happy to hear from my friend about her thoughts that the dosage and remedy is a good match for me. She prepared the remedy in bottle ( liquid form) and asked for me to pick it up.

I took the bottled remedy that same night and slept on it. Again the next day I found it hard to get up but felt even a stronger sense of calmness. I felt well enough to run a quite a few errands ( by my standard ). By the afternoon, something hit me, I was struck by a great sense of fear and helplessness. I was again surprised by these emotions as I was not feeling any worsening of gut symptoms. I wasn't bleeding anymore or having any more pain. I panicked and emailed my friend to confirm whether these overwhelming feelings could be effects from the remedy. Luckily, she quickly reply and reassured that she feels I might be in a healing crisis and hope that I can ride it out. She offered the option of an antidote if I am unable to bare with the symptoms. I felt relieved after hearing from her and took a nap and did some self reiki.

In conclusion, I am realizing that since my Ulcerative Colitis was stress triggered, there are many other negative emotions attached to it; anger, fear, helplessness, just to name a few. Homeopathy is the first healing system that stimulated my body's natural healing ability not just in the physically sense but also in the emotional aspect. I am quite in awe with the effect and will patiently continue on this healing journey to see where it will take me. The thought of remission is one step closer.

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