Saturday, August 9, 2014

Letter to restaurants management

I have been quite apprehensive about eating out at restaurants in fear that there will be something ( usually always something ) I cannot tolerate in the cooking. I have turned down many invites or sat and drank water while watching my friends or family eat, which is worst that staying home. There is a family birthday coming up and last year to the date I could not attend because  I was in the ER for fluids and pain management to calm a bad Colitis Flare. This year I could stay home, but it is a bit of a milestone and celebration for me too to join my family. So instead of hoping for the best, I am being proactive and wrote this letter to the restaurant ahead of time. I learned this from my network who aims to heal their bodies with food. Many of the people in my network are also battling some form of chronic autoimmune conditions.

Dear Management of ____________,

My family is considering having a dinner at your restaurant this coming _____________ for a party of __________people. However, I have severe food allergies and must inquiry to see if I am able to join my family for dinner. I reviewed your menu and see that the salmon or steak maybe the best possible choice for me as long as there are no ingredients I am allergic to used in their preparation. I cannot tolerate dairy, gluten, nightshades ( tomatoes, eggplant, peppers including spices like paprika, black pepper ok ), legumes, corn and soy. I would be happy with a plain steak or piece of cooked fish with steamed or boiled vegetables. Please let me know by __________  if your kitchen is willing to accommodate my dietary restrictions so I can celebrate the family event at your establishment.


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