Sunday, September 7, 2014

My commitment to AIP + low FODMAP learning plan

I have explored several healing diets since I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in June 2013. Here is my post about my one year anniversary of diagnosis.
In August (2013), I started with giving up grains, then going Paleo, completed a Whole30, then recently focusing on AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) based on Dr. Sarah Ballantyne's The Paleo Approach. My commitment to AIP was a quiet one but I remember it was sometime in August (2014) that I decided to stop going one step forward and two steps back with my diet plan. The last few weeks I added the FODMAP watch list because it felt like the right thing to do. I was listening to my gut. I call it a watch list because there seems to be a lot of foods on the list in the grey areas, I want to go through the list and record the effects each has on my system. And these restrictions don't necessary have to be forever. For example, Watermelon is a big no no, apples only gives my burpy gas. Onions and garlic are HIGH on the FODMAP list. I have had issues with onions for 20 yrs, then when I went Paleo, I was much better with them. I am still eliminating them for now and once I have calmed my gut more, I will slowly test the high offenders out.

I began to see improvements since going AIP. By accepting the challenge to add a FODMAP watch list to my AIP menu, I noticed another jump in my progress. The FODMAP decision felt hard to make, although I felt the same reluctance with every step of fine tuning my diet, I had to remind myself how overwhelmed I was about the SCD diet. I tried the intro a couple times but eventually gave it up. It is all part of the process of finding what works for yourself instead of strictly following a system. I have learned that it is important to understand why certain systems are set up the way there are and apply the concept to my own tailored menu.

I am adding a few pointers from the  " It Starts with Food" book in Chapter 12 about IBS and IBD

1. Increase water intake away from food

2. Cut down unpeelable fruits like berries

3. Cut down on raw vegetables, peel and cut vegetable into smaller pieces before cooking

The following article really helped calm my racing brain when I was trying to wrap my head around adding the FODMAP watch list to AIP.

What is AIP ( Paleo Autoimmune Protocol)? 

What is the FODMAP Diet?

Update: It has been 6 months since I first decided to commit to AIP and low FODMAP, I am doing really well to the point that I am excited to go on a solo weekend getaway with little trepidation.

I have also discovered more and more resources about AIP low FODMAP lifestyle like the 28 days Low FODMAP AIP book by Christina Feindel at A Clean Plate 

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