Sunday, December 7, 2014

Virtual Book Tour - The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook review

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One of my passion is healing with foods and nothing gets me more excited to find great resources to support my goal in life. I am so excited to be part of this book review tour. Thank you Angie from Alt-Ternative Autoimmune for inviting me on this Virtual Book Tour.

The night I received my e-book copy of Angie Alt's The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook, I wish I had the hard copy in my hot little hands being the cookbook geek I am

Graphically speaking - the layout is clean simple with a cheerful color scheme.

I find it easy to read and welcoming. If there is such a thing as a graphic novel cookbook, this is pretty close to it.

Almost all cookbooks about healing foods start with the elimination phase, Angie follows up with a clear Reintroduction instructions, which can be the scary part of a new diet.  Angie breaks it down to easy to understand and follow steps. I am sure her Food reaction checklist will help a lot of people take the guessing out of, was it the food? dye offs? my imagination?

If you are still confused about the reactions, the Food Journal page will help you track your progress and make it more clear what could be the culprit to a reaction. My food journal has been one of my greatest healing tool.

I caught on to Angie's smart and sneaky intention where she inserted articles, like the emotional aspects of Autoimmunity, in between sections of beautifully photographed dishes and recipes.  Each recipe is labeled with which stage or phase they belong to. Just when you are thinking hard about " can I do this?" you are wowed and encouraged by more mouth watering AIP friendly recipes.

Yes you can.

The Butt manifesto is hilarious and addresses body image in a light and fun way.

There are so many recipes I want to try but the one I went with is the Homey Beef Stew. This recipe is in her Stage 1 category but easily fits into the Elimination phase by removing the black pepper.

I was excited to use my organic rainbow carrots and grass fed beef stew cut in this dish to make it even more colorful.

The only thing was my slow cooker was already in use, making a big pot of bone broth. I didn't feel like taking out my other ( yes, I have two) slow cooker, so I pulled out my vacuum pot to give it a try.
Angie's usage of a carrot and beets puree along with tapioca starch makes a the best, thick and hearty AIP gravy. She also mixes two kinds of vinegar to create a flavorful tartness and can trick anyone into believing there was tomato paste in the stew.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a guiding hand towards healing with food. If you would like to get a copy of this awesome Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook, here is the link for the e-book and the hardcopy.

Thanks for reading and Happy Healing in the Kitchen with the Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook

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