Wednesday, February 25, 2015

He won't know it's Paleo book review - Asian Lettuce Wrap

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I received my copy of the He won't know it's Paleo 153 pages cookbook the week before my first AIP Chinese New Year's feast.  I let my husband, who also loves to cook and eat, thumb through the book and he was surprised said, "You can eat all these?"

I learned about Breanna's blog right when I was first introduced to the Paleo lifestyle, I loved the name she chose and the concept behind it. As I continue my personal search for a healing diet to manage my Ulcerative Colitis, I experienced a very similar path as Breanna even thought our Autoimmunities are different. 
Being a busy family, easy and quick compliant meals are very important to keep everyone happy and healthy. Breanna offers many 30 mins meal in this book which will definitely make this AIP mom smiling from kitchen to table. 

A taster on Belgium endives

Besides my excitement about diving into this book, I also had to think about what to cook for a family gathering just a week away.  This year was my first AIP Chinese New Year feast at the house.  I have made a few turkey AIP dinners but the Chinese theme made me a little nervous.  Asian AIP recipes seem a bit harder to come by so I had to modify traditional recipes to make them AIP friendly. I decided to roast two ( stuffed ) ducks, bake a basa wrapped in banana leaf and what a perfect opportunity to try out a recipe from the He won't know its Paleo cookbook. When I opened Breanna's book, the recipe that caught  my eye was the Asian Lettuce Wrap on Page 94. I kept that thought in the back of my mind and continue to focus on planning out the rest of the menu. Perhaps I had faith in Breanna or I was just a bit overwhelmed about roasting the ducks, I only quickly glanced at her recipe to make sure I have all the ingredients without too much pondering. 

The day of the feast came and I had my day scheduled out. When it came time to making the Asian Lettuce Wrap, I had to look twice to make sure I didn't miss anything. Really? That simple? What a smart girl she is! Of course this is one of her many 30 mins meal's recipes and I was gratefully that it was indeed that simple. The dish was tasty and easy to prepare. I even easily modified it to low FODMAP by replacing the closed garlic with garlic scapes ( greens ). Honestly, I found separating each leaf from the head of lettuce more of a chore then cooking the dish. 

A note about Chinese New Years good luck dishes. Lettuce Wrap is often served in Chinese banquet dinners and New Years because the lettuce symbolizes money and wealth. 

My family came, ate and were merry. I love their reaction when they see the AIP meals I prepare and enjoy them along side me. Being the youngest in my generation, it is an honour to cook for the elders in the family. 

As I flip through the last pages of my new cookbook, all I wish for was a He won't know it's Paleo restaurant where I can pick and choose from the many all American comfort dishes without worrying how I will feel afterwards. Here is an affiliate link if you want to get your own copy of this great cookbook.

Thank you Breanna and your family for creating this lovely guide to happiness through AIP meals.


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    1. It sure is, I wish I could walk into the cookbook and order some of my favorite comfort food.


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