Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I learn The Human body puzzle

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I have been battling extreme fatigue, dizziness and mild depression for the last few months. I was perplexed as nothing much has changed in my lifestyle or diet. The fatigue and inability to focus also made me feel defeated. I questioned what was the purpose for all the work I had been doing to heal my body holistically. It is hard to think straight when the body I had to relearn how it functions is not ticking the way I understand it. I finally went to my GP and asked for some help. I really didn't know what could be the cause, was it my thyroid? Was I anemic even though I consume so much protein, including offals? How about all the dark leafy greens I eat and the nettle teas I drink. What could it be? My GP suggested I get some blood work done and go from there.

The body's wisdom

The night before I got my blood work results, I had an odd craving for a cup of nettle tea with molasses, I haven't used molasses for a long time and it was tucked in the back of the cupboard. I went with my instinct and made myself of this black iron rich tea before bed.

As I stumbled through my extreme fatigue, I decided to revisit one of my supplements - Betaine, HCL and pepsin. I do not know what brought me back to it. When I took this supplement few years ago, I went too much too fast and eventually stopped taking it because too much stomach acid can be painful. This time, I experimented with the dosage according to Empowered Sustance's suggestions and was feel some improvement in my digestion.

How does this all come together to give me the ah-a moment?

When I looked at my bloodwork, it shows my ferritin is below normal range, which means I am anemic. Still scratching my head, I searched the internet on how I can restore my iron naturally, especially when I seem to be eating the right foods already. Then I found this article from that tied everything together.  According to the article,

Unfortunately, my GP did not notify me about my bloodwork results being out of range. He said he wouldn't call me if everything looks good. So I went to my trusty Integrated Pharmacy and asked my Pharmacist. I brought my blood work results to show him to see what his opinion is. He spotted the same concerns I have. His suggestion is to boost my iron, B12 and adrenal support with supplements and redo blood work in 6 weeks.

Learn more about supplement while on Autoimmune Protocol here

One week after starting supplements

I am in fascinated at how much there is to learn about the body, I never imagined being anemic can affect me so much. I have noticed my energy and mood improving dramatically after 5 days on the supplements. Interestingly, my eating habits have changed. Stay tuned for post about my new eating routine.

I am relieved to have this new game plan with addressing my low stomach acid so I can restore my ferritin and improve my thyroid function. What I have learned from this is to let the body guide me and go with the flow. The body is like puzzle, each piece is linked to another, when you find how they fit together to make the big picture, it is a moment to celebrate! This thought brings to mind a puzzle my kids have, "I learn about the Human body" puzzle set,  I thought I would include it here as a tongue in cheek reminder for how I navigate toward better health.

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