Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chicken Tenders Recipe Roundup

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As parents,  we have many responsibilities in guiding our next generation to make their own decisions as they grown up; making healthy food choices is one of them.  Sometimes children are reluctant with trying new foods because of sensory sensitivity.  Some kids are sensitive to certain texture in their meals, others maybe be put off by the visuals on their plate, smell also plays an important role in appealing to the little ones' interest in their food.

When I came across this article I shared on my Facebook about a 17 years old girl who only ate chicken nuggets ( Yes ONLY) since she was 2, I struck up a few conversations with parents about their experience on the topic.  With this inspiration, I decided to do a recipe round up for AIP chicken tenders you can make at home for the little one.  I agree, chicken fingers/ tender are yummy and easy to eat, especially for young ones, but you don't have to rely on the fast food industry.

Thank you to all the contributors for this recipe round up.






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