Monday, August 7, 2017

Interview with Mary B. Lapp

Have you ever talked to someone and immediately feel a sense of calmness? I recently had the priviledge to interview Mary B. Lapp, Transformational Stress Coach and Nutritional Therapist and I left the conversation feeling really good about myself. In this interview, Mary points out the different ways she can help her clients navigate health by "finding creative solutions for their life and health"
I completely agree when Mary says  " order to support your body's natural senses of healing, we must pay attention to selfcare, otherwise no supplements can make you feel better. "

A: Hi Mary, How are you? Can you tell me how your work help people feel better about themselves?

M: I love that you asked that, because helping people feel better is what I love to do best!  There are a myriad of ways that I help people in my life feel better – cooking them delicious and nutritious food, helping them, etc…  But when it comes to clients, I help them find creative solutions for their life and health, which offers them hope (coaching).  I also help them find healing through supporting their organs (nutritional therapy/diet/supplements/essential oils/lifestyle shifts.)

A: That sounds really nice, so what kind of help can your clients expect to get from you? 
  • People (usually women) reach out to me for help!  They talk to me about which of my services would be most helpful – and we decide together based on their needs and budget.  I have programs full spectrum from free to high end.
  • Next, they buy a program.
  • Programs Include:
  • Physical Support: Nutritional therapy with hair tissue mineral analysis (which supplies information on organ health).  Supplements, dietary and lifestyle shifts.  Essential oils for organ support.
  • Emotional Support: Individual or group coaching sessions with lifestyle and essential oil recommendations.
  • How does your area of expertise support or offer relief to someone with chronic/acute conditions?
  • There is a grief process that people go through when they feel betrayed by their body.  I don’t think bodies intentionally betray us, I just think they get sick and confused.  
  • When this first happens, often people need to make a lot of changes – both in how we live, and how we think.  It is astonishing how difficult and overwhelming that process can be.
  • I cannot only help navigate the process of finding healing solutions, but I can also help navigate the grief process so that hope is found.
A: So what can someone expect to feel during your sessions?

M: I am a very grounded person, and my clients typically feel better after having spent an hour with me.  But for that to really last, they need to go home and start doing the things that we talk about in our session.  Sometimes those action steps are tiny, sometimes they are big – but they are what we both feel would be the most beneficial – and are a way for your body and mind to feel cared for.
A: How quickly can they expect to feel improvement?
M: Emotional relief usually comes very quickly.  Physical relief can take time – but how long is dependent on the issue.  
A: How often should they repeat and commit to their sessions with you?
M: I like at least 4 sessions with clients – but after that, it depends on what the client’s needs are.  
Through our chat, I learned that Mary is also an essential oils user, so I asked her if and why she uses them in her practice. She also shared her favorite oils to pack for travels.  

M: For emotional healing, I like to let people use whatever oil they are most drawn to.  My husband lost his brother unexpectedly and was dealing with some intense grief.  He was drawn to lime oil - so we put it on his heart center and diffused it.  It was so helpful!  Later, we discovered that lime oil is especially good for those who need their heart restored.  It brings forth courage, cheer, and revitalizes people above the mire of grief.  It was just what he was needing.  I especially love lime diffused with bergamot and find that it is incredibly energizing and uplifting - even if you aren't grieving.

I was also pleased to learn that Mary is also an essential oil lover, so I asked her for her favourite oils to pack for travelling.

M: As for my favorite Young Living Essential Oils for Travel


  • Rub on roof of mouth for occasional head discomfort
  • Dilute and rub on belly for digestive support.
  • Rub on any minor achey areas for support.
  • Sniff for uplifting energy.


  • Rub on belly if you feel you may be reacting to something.
  • Rub on a minor bug bite to calm it.
  • Rub on belly or bottom of feet for gentle sleep support.

  • Sniff for uplifting energy.
  • Rub over liver for occasional detoxification support.


  • Rub on belly or bottom of feet to support a healthy immune system.
Mary concludes that for her clients to find success in healing their bodies, they need to do the work. Self care is a good place to start like getting enough sleep, spending some time doing meal planning and home cooking and find a way to manage stress level.

Here's how to connect with Mary to get more of her edifying support.
To Schedule a Free Discovery Session: Click Here or Call 717-823-8334

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