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In June 2013,  I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I tried the pharmaceutical route but still went into a second flare in August. I went to emergency when I was unable to manage my pain, bloody diarrhea and dehydration at home. I went on a short term of prednisone and at the same time I changed my eating habits by cutting out grains. Within days of going grain free, I was feeling better. Of course there were questions how much of it was the steroids and how much was the diet. I continued with this new found lifestyle after my course of steroids and did my first Whole30 in September.

My protocol has evolved along the way, my current lifestyle is a combination of Paleo Autoimmune Protocol with a ketogenic focus.

As time passes, I still feel the kitchen is where my healing began. However, I have now gathered some interesting techniques to supports my body's healing process, these include self care, homeopathy and essential oil. I look forward to sharing with you what has worked for me and hope I can spark some inspirations in your journey too.

Disclaimer: I want to make it clear that I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training. All information I post here is from my personal experience or research.  Please consult with your doctor for proper medical advice.

Happy Healing!



Heal me in the kitchen

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