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Hey there,  let me introduce myself, my name is Astrid and I've been a wellness seeker for a longtime, but it wasn't until I got diagnosed with a chronic disgestive condition that I knew I needed to get serious about healing my body. I started this blog -  Heal me in the Kitchen as an online journal, you know for accountability, little did I know I would connect with so many amazing people like you who're also on your own healing journey.

Feel free to poke around and click on the different categories up in the menu bar to learn more about ME,  my Recipes,  IBD journey,  Travels and so on.

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Besides finding my way of eating, I love researching how lifestyle can make or break my health. I love gathering tools to support my health. One of my favourite wellness tool is essential oils. I'll tell you why...

Few years ago, I was introduced to Young Living Essential oils by my friends. I had dabbled in them for emotional support before but I had no idea all the different areas of health it can support. Learning that I can replace my cleaning products, personal care products with something natural helped me make the switch without hesitations. So I'm here to share with you why you need Essential oils in your home as part of a simple, natural, chemical free lifestyle to improve the overall wellbeing of yourself --- and you family.

Want to support your health 

with nature's purest and powerful essential oils? 

Click Here to learn more about 

my why and the what of Essential Oils.

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