My Oil Obsession

Welcome to my Oil Obsession Page. My name is Astrid and I'm Oil Obessesed. 

In 2013, I was diagnosed with a chronic digestion condition called Ulcerative Colitis. It belongs to the Inflammatory Bowel Disease family like Crohn's. I quickly lost 30 lbs within 5 months from internal bleeding. I couldn't eat or drink without pain, sometimes I slept most of the day away – 18 hrs, and my bathroom visits were frequent to the point that I was pretty much housebound. I felt so awful that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to see my kids grown up. My doctor told me the only way to control the debilitating disease is with lifelong medications. Of course, these medications always have a long list side effects as they do damages to other parts of the body. So I decided to do my own research and explore a holistic route, that included changing my diet and learning about the synthetic chemicals sneaking into my everyday life. Well, it worked, I got better!

Last year, I was introduced to Young Living Essential oils by my friends. I had dabbled in them for emotional support before but I had no idea all the different areas of health it can support. Learning that I can replace my cleaning products, personal care products with something natural helped me make the switch without hesitations. So I'm here to share with you why you need Essential oils in your home as part of a simple, natural, chemical free lifestyle to improve the overall wellbeing of yourself --- and you family.

Want to support your health with nature's purest and powerful essential oils? 

Keep reading to learn more about the power of Essential Oils.

Why do I use Essential oils to support my health?

Because it's a simple yet powerful wellness tool that can work really FAST.  When you inhale an essential oil, it takes about 22 seconds of it to reach the brain. How does this happen? The cilia and receptor cells in the olfactory organ receive the aroma and then send signals to the limbic system of the brain. The only way to reach the limbic system is through smell, which is the center of memory and emotion. This area is also connected to areas of the brain that control blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, hormone balance, and more! Then there's the topical use. Due to essential oil’s molecular structure, the skin can rapidly absorb essential oils. It takes 2-3minutes when applied topically to reach the blood stream, 20 minutes to affect every cell in the body, and are typically metabolized within 2-3 hours. Pretty Cool hey? 
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What are Essentials oils?

Essential oils are the life blood or life force of the plant. Our blood within our own bodies and the essential oils found within plants have very similar functions. When you cut yourself your blood seals the cut, protects the wound, provides nutrients and oxygen for cellular regeneration, guards against harmful micro- organisms, and when a plant leaf is torn, the essential oils within that plant perform the exact same functions. 

There are so many brands on the market, how do I choose?

I know, I've done my research and here's why did I choose Young Living out of all the brands out there? WATCH this video to see the passion behind Seed to Seal process.
Essential oils have truly improved my life in every aspect of wellness. Join me in learning the magical power of the botanical life force.

Ready to get your hands on these highest quality essential oils?
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When you click on the ORDER link, you'll see the page below. The enroller and sponsor number are already filled in for you but if you're not from Canada, you'll have to select your country. 
Please note that all the prices listed here are in Canadian dollars, your currency will adjust to the Country you choose.
Next, scroll down to Option 2 -  Essential Rewards. I highly recommend getting started with Premium Starter Kit with the Dewdrop diffuser. Another tip I'd like to share with you is to order it through the Essential Rewards Program because you'll get a lower shipping rate, can get FREE bonus oils and collect points with each product you buy so you can spend them on future purchases. It's a hassle free program you can cancel anytime. No questions asked! 

That's it! Finish filling up the rest of your personal details, make sure you write down your password and PIN number in safe and you are set. 

Please pop me an email HERE after you've ordered your kit, I'd also love to hear your story. I'm so excited to be part of your wellness journey and can't wait to provide you with resources and support to make sure you're exploring essential oils with confidence to better your health. 

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