Hi there, you found me. 

Yay! I'm Astrid. A whole food advocate, wellness blogger, ferment fanatic, essential oil lover, mother, wife, artist, and entrepreneur. 

Phew! When I'm not playing kitchen scientist, I'm most likely adding step counts in my "Planet of the Apes" conversation-starting toe shoes. 

My recent rekindled passion with essential oils has pushed me even more in sharing my healing process with people who gets me. 

Now that my health is back, Yippy! I'm so excited to do all the things I'm interested in again. Face it, being sick is no fun, but hitting rock bottom drove me to get to the root cause of my sickness.  Carving time to wear different hats can be interesting sometimes, never a dull moment. Now that I feel better, I try to do my part in the family biz I started with my husband two decades ago. We own a fashion boutique/ cafe in downtown Vancouver, Canada.  

With all the stuff I like to get my hands on, my passion still lies in seeking a holistic lifestyle. One of my main goals is to connect people with the resources I've come across in the area of wellness. I'm fascinated and humbled by how the body is designed to thrive and heal when properly supported. I'm enjoying remission from Ulcerative Colitis and embrace wellness one day at a time.

Please check out my other projects below. 

Instagram @astridfox_art 

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