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Hello, so nice of you to pop by...

My name is Astrid

I am a Hong Kong born Eurasian who has been calling Canada home for several decades. I now live in the West Coast of Canada with my family and also run a fashion boutique/ cafe in downtown Vancouver. I'm known for my ever changing hairstyles, not dressing to suit my age and embracing my eternal inner child. I'm really into making fermented foods, batch cooking to feed our two "always hungry" sons. So in a nut shell, I'm a band mom, wacky wife and a yoga lover. My healing started in the kitchen, but there is so much more I want to share with you...

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Hangry much? Fog horn in the brain?

Does your mid afternoon dips send you grabbing for a sweet snack or coffee so you have make it through the rest of the day? Does your brain fog slow you down? It doesn't have to be that way.

Hi there, I believe in serendipity so you found me for a reason. You landed in the right place if you're looking for sustainable energy throughout the day, having a clearer mind to do all the things you love; like being more productive with work and most importantly, being more present with family and friends. And the bonus is... upping that self image confidence of yours. Because let's face it...when you feel good, you look even better! In this season of my life, I'm passionate about helping mid life women balance their blood sugar and improve their digestion so they can step into their new phase growth with grace. Have you heard of the saying " you are what you eat,". Well, it's a half truth, you're actually what you can digest. As your Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, you and I can learn about what motivates you to better your health. With a holistic, detailed and practical approach, tying in emotional connections to nourishment, in creating what your picture of health looks like. 

Our aim is to clarify and support your specific wellness goals through a tailored nutrition plan and lifestyle refinements. Together, we’ll push past boundaries in order to come up with strategies and a personalized plan designed just for you.  Let's connect to see how we can work together to bring more joy into your life.

Astrid meets me exactly where I am at. Working with her is like being accompanied on an adventure to know myself and what creates the conditions for me to thrive.  She listens with her whole body and asks great questions leading us to the next best step for me with so much ease.  

Jessie, Canada
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