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From Uncertainty to Empowerment: The Birth of Feed the Nutrivore

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From uncertainty to empowerment: the story behind Feed the Nutrivore, A Fresh Start

Welcome, amazing folks! Thanks for coming here to learn about Feed the Nutrivore and the story behind why I shifted away from the cooking focus of Heal Me in the Kitchen.

Navigating the Wellness Spectrum: Finding the Balance

In the constantly evolving world of dietary culture, I've followed a few food trends and eating styles, most of which are regimented and require detailed planning, not to mention all the hours spent in the kitchen. After a recent new diagnosis, these approaches no longer serve me. The decision to go from Heal Me in the Kitchen to Feed the Nutrivore is driven by the basic need to nourish myself optimally with minimal effort. Just plain doable nourishment, please! This shift was prompted by my recent ADHD* diagnosis, which compelled me to re-evaluate all my daily routines, including nutrition.

Speaking on Doable Nourishment! CHECK OUT my article on Healthy meal on the go 🏃🏻‍♀️

My Journey: From Struggles to Purpose

Did you come over here from Heal Me in the Kitchen? I'm so thankful for all your cheering along those twisty and windy roads toward my gut healing. Before I made the intimidating decision to rebuild my brand, I went a bit quiet. My mind was scattered,😵‍💫 overwhelmed with the mass of dietary information flooding the interwebs. In the meantime, I was coming to terms with my ADHD diagnosed during the menopausal transition. Feeling lost and unable to fully dedicate myself to helping others build sustainable nutritional routines, I hung on to the seeded thought of finding purpose from my struggles. Amidst the confusion, I muddled through with hope,💪 like with my IBD** story. Persevering onward with self-care and patience, I was reminded about the true meaning of nourishment in body, mind, and spirit. This revelation anchored me, and together with the impeccable timing of meeting Nutrivore, I saw clear skies ahead 🌈 after weathering out the storm, to give you Feed the Nutrivore.

The Quest for ADHD/Menopause-Friendly Nutrition Solutions

Frequently in a state of overwhelm, I needed to find simpler ways to feed myself and my family, unlike my previous practice. I had to start from scratch, building new habits and developing new strategies, like skipping the complicated recipes and putting more attention on adding diverse whole foods onto my plate. I thought I was alone, losing grip and falling off the wellness pendulum. Apparently not! Discovering the Nutrivore lifestyle and growing community 🙌 in this new chapter was serendipitous. I'm committed to sharing my experience as a neurodivergent menopausal folk, excited to relearn nutrition and self-care with grace.

Embracing Food Love: Balancing Nutrition with Enjoyment

Why do I like being a Nutrivore? Simply put, it's just getting back to basics with a straightforward approach to enjoy our nourishment. It’s okay to love our food again while balancing nutrition. Who's with me? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Another great thing about Nutrivore is, whether you’re a seasoned health enthusiast or you're just starting your wellness journey, Nutrivore has something for you.

The Future Looks Bright

I’m thrilled to share my Feed the Nutrivore journey with you. Stay tuned for practical, easy-to-follow tips to try out and build a healthier and happier life together.👏

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Astrid 💖

*Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

** Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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