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Auntie P's Chive Pancake

Prep Time:

15 Minutes

Cook Time:

10 Minutes


6 Servings



About the Recipe

This crispy and chewy Chive Pancake was inspired by my Auntie P from Napa, California. You see, Auntie P and her family ran a Chinese restaurant in the 80s called the Phoenix. During my first ever visit to the US, this 10 year old girl got to see how a ting little commercial kitchen ran. I was in awe by how my slight frame Auntie cooked up dish after dishes of mouth watering food to serve her hungry customers with delight. I watched as regulars poured in ordering their favourite dishes my auntie prepared with care. And that huge wok she tossed food and sauces together in seemed to be light as a feather but in reality it is a heavy traditional Chinese steal bowl with handles. How did she do it? I remember watching how high the flames rose as she told me, " this is called "Wok Hey", Astrid, this is why our customers keep coming back night after night. The breath of Wok was impressive to watch for a bit but after seeing when it almost lick her eyebrows I stopped out of the kitchen to bus tables so I can play restaurant in real life. At night, Auntie P didn't stop and continued preparing more food for the next day. My favourite was one of her Northern Chinese snacks, Chive Oil Pancake. Here I've adapted her recipe to be grain free/ AIP and Paleo friendly using Predominantly Paleo Yucca Dough, hope you like it.


  • 5 stalks of green onions, chopped

  • 1 pack grated cassava, defrost if from frozen

  • 1/4 c coconut flour

  • coconut oil

  • avocado oil

  • 1/2 tsp pink Himalayan salt

  • optional -  2 tbsp cooked ground pork

See the original Cassava Yuca Dough recipe from Predoninantly Paleo HERE


  1. Sprinkle salt over grated cassava

  2. Heat oil in pan over medium heat

  3. Empty pack of defrosted grated cassava into oiled pan

  4. Using a wooden spoon or silicon spatula to prevent scratching the pan, stir cassava until translucent dough forms, the dough will be firm to form and he might build some upper body strength while you are at it

  5. Sprinkle coconut flour on rolling board

  6. Roll dough out to 1/8" thickness into a rectangular shape

  7. Spread a thin layer of coconut oil on flattened out dough

  8. Sprinkle chopped green onions ( optional -   I added some cooked ground pork in one of the pancakes) over rolled out dough

  9. From the longer side of the rectangle dough, roll it up like you were making a burrito

  10. Cut the long dough into two sections

  11. Close up one end of each dough sections by sealing it with your fingers

  12. Now, roll the long dough up like a cinnamon pin wheel

  13. Seal up the outer end of the dough to prevent any green onions from leaking out

  14. Take your rolling pin and flatten the "pin wheel" 

  15. Repeat 11-14 with the second dough section

  16. Heat oil over medium heat in a pan larger enough to pan fried the pancakes

  17. Pan fried each side until golden brown about 4 mins. 

  18. Cut into 4 -8 sections and serve with sauce

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