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Instant Pot Tangarine Cranberry Sauce

Prep Time:

10 Minutes

Cook Time:

7 mins


8-10 Servings



About the Recipe

Bored of canned cranberry sauce from the grocery store? This year try this Tangerine Cranberry Sauce recipe with a citrus twist to go with your turkey dinner. It's easy to make and only takes minutes in the instant pot. Perfect balance of tart and sweet with dates for extra high in fibre, it's also packed with vitamins. Choose your sweetener of choice, I like using a Monk fruit sweetener blend to make it lower Glycemic/ Keto friendly, suitable for those of you watching your blood glucose level, but you can substitute coconut sugar or even maple syrup to taste. It's also gluten free and vegetarian friendly. Whether you're hosting or being a guest of the gathering, show off this homemade condiment to complete your feast.

Tag me and let me know what you and your guests think!


  • 340g whole cranberries

  • 2 tangarines or 1 orange

  • 1/3c monk fruit/ erythritol blend or other sugar substitute

  • 2 dates (chopped, omit for Low GI/ keto friendly)


  1. Pour whole cranberries in colander and rinse under water

  2. Zest tangerine or tangerines

  3. Peel and discard peel

  4. Remove white veins and seeds from tangerine sessions

  5. Put tangerine in a blender and Purée until smooth

  6. Add tangerine pulp purée and cranberries in instant pot

  7. Stir in sweetener of your choice and chopped dates

  8. Cook on Manual setting for 7 minutes under high pressure

  9. Allow natural release and unlock lid

  10. Stir and pour into serving bowl

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